Who The Hell Is This Guy?

I guess this is the page where I'm supposed to write a fancy third-person spiel about my backstory, how awesome my naming skills are and how you'd be a fool not to engage the services of yours truly. So ...

Who is he? … An investor. Writer. Globe-trotter and naming extraordinaire! When he’s not jetting off to someplace fabulous, he’s branding big ideas for well-funded startups, celebrities and visionary entrepreneurs.

If you’re launching something that’s a big deal and you need it named, he’s your guy and you can find him at TheNameGuy.com.

TheNameGuy.com has an awesome array of brilliant business names, complete with custom logos and dotcom domains - all expertly curated for a wide variety of industries.

So if you’re tired of banging your head against the wall, trying to think of a catchy, easy to remember name for your new idea … STOP!

Just go to TheNameGuy.com

He’s a naming extraordinaire!

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