What The FAQ Is This?

Below you'll find some answers to frequent questions. Check 'em out to see how I roll.

A serious offer starts at $10,000+. If you've got a real budget within that range, then we can begin a conversation.

$10k could be the magic number, but don't run with that, because most times it's not. $10k is an opener to having a serious conversation - a conversation about the true value of the name, in connection with your particular enterprise or industry and if you're a qualified buyer.

If a $10,000 starting price has you running for the hills - you might wanna re-think that "big idea". It's probably not as great and profitable as you think.

You may also want to do some due diligence and get up to speed on current domain name values.

My pricing is based on the highest and best use of the asset in a competitive business category.

So I price my domain names based on what type of monetary and intrinsic value they'll bring, to an existing or future business, that's seeking to be the category leader.

I accept offers to acquire and normally sell my domain names in the ranges of 5 to 7-figures.

My clients are entrepreneurs who launch scalable enterprises in competitive categories, which brings them revenues of 7 to 11 figures, so the price tag makes sense for them.

Like physical real estate, domain names are digital real estate and the best addresses sell for thousands to millions of dollars on the aftermarket.

Most aftermarket domain inquiries are from "looky-loos" with half-baked ideas, wanting premium names at bargain basement prices ... I don't respond to such inquiries. 

If you sent an offer that was below the $10,000 minimum and/or you didn't submit authentic contact information, in hopes of a stealth acquisition ... your "offer" went ignored.

Also, inquiries coming from free email accounts, I rarely take seriously. So if you're using a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account, your offer probably went into my "suspect" folder and never got my attention. 

My names are valuable assets and I receive a lot of interest, so for sake of time, I only reply to real offers that make sense.

My clients are entrepreneurs who have really big ideas, that project into business revenues of 7 to 11 figures. I only respond to serious offers from individuals or companies who meet that criteria, and understand the value of the asset into which they're looking to acquire.


I offer no credit check, zero interest financing, for up to 18 months, depending on the size of the transaction.

I accept direct wire transfers to my bank, escrow through my attorney's trust account or payments through Escrow.com

If we're using an Escrow service, the associated fees fall on you. Once the dough hits escrow, I transfer the domain name and any brand related assets to your control.

After you confirm ownership, funds are released to me.


I'm fast. As soon as your wire hits escrow or my bank account, I transfer the name and any brand related assets immediately.

In other words ... let's get the party started!

As soon as I get paid, the sooner you can get your name, launch your idea and start causing trouble for your competitors.

Depending on what kind of deal we're doing, you may also need to submit a signed purchase agreement before asset transfer.

Business Names Plus normally includes a creative business name, a matching domain name, and a custom logo.

Sometimes it may include an animated version of the logo and sample advertising creative.

You can find out what may be available, by visiting the sales page for the particular business name you're interested in purchasing.

A completed purchase will include transfer of domain name ownership to your GoDaddy account. You will also receive source files for your logo and full copyright ownership will transfer to you, as detailed in your purchase agreement.

If we're talking about a fully-branded startup company - assets normally include:

  • A creative business name
  • A matching domain name, possibly including variations and marketing domains.
  • Brand Slogan 
  • Brand Story
  • Business Category Ideas
  • Custom Visual Identity (static and animated)
  • Branded letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and may include other relevant branding, such as office signage, product packaging, etc.
  • Custom Website
  • Branded and Ready-Made Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Accounts
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • Federal Trademark Filing on Business Name, Logo and Slogan
  • All my Startup Companies are ready-made, legally registered entities, structured as Delaware LLC’s or Corporations
  • Also includes an LLC Startup Kit containing an elegant company binder, custom LLC ownership certificates, LLC operating agreement, and company seal.

Other assets may include a 3-minute Explainer Video, company branded apparel and a Toll-Free Vanity Number.

When you purchase one of my Startup Companies, you’re purchasing ownership of a real company and all of its assets, which are listed above. Then it's up to you and/or your team, to bring that company to the world!

Sure. But ...

Some of my names are attached to intellectual property, like Copyrights and Trademarks, and if you want just the domain, it may not be possible.

Or ... If I have to separate the IP from the domain, then you'll have to pay the sting of an additional premium, in order to compensate for the brand destruction.

Now what that may mean for you, in terms of a cash explosion, I don't know. It depends on the IP, but at a minimum ... think Chernobyl. This way, even if it's not, your bankroll will still be prepared for the event.


I'm not a logo factory - I'm The Name Guy™. I provide a more all-inclusive brand development solution, which at a minimum, includes creating the name of your business, product or service and securing the digital real estate (the domain name).

In addition to the above, sometimes I also design the visual identity. I can also go much further and build a fully-branded startup company, but offering logo design as a stand-alone service, just isn't my thing.


I don’t list many names with “buy now” prices, but when I do, the prices are firm.


I can start from scratch and whip up a fancy schmancy new name, customized specifically for your brand vision and business category.

I could even go further and custom build you a new fully-branded startup company or rebrand your existing company, product or service.

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