Scared Money Don’t Make Money

Scared Money

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

It’s a law you’ll never be able to break, shortcut or circumvent.

And in trying to do so, you’ll only succeed in digging a deeper hole of lack and limitation for yourself.

So what exactly is “Scared Money”?

“Scared Money” is a mindset.

“Scared Money” is weak action.

It’s a fear and lack of faith to make a move on something big, which may require a significant capital investment, in order for you to reach greatness.

Read that again.

It’s a fear and lack of faith to make a move on something big, which may require a significant capital investment, in order for you to reach greatness.

So instead you do one of maybe three things …


You do nothing!

You can expect this from the overwhelming majority who can’t see pass their fear of not knowing if “IT” will actually work.

And in doing nothing …


And affirm to yourself and to the world that you’re not worthy of greatness.

That you don’t possess the courage or the vision needed in order to make a dent in the universe.

And so you remain small … unnoticed.

A cog in the wheel.

Never able to rise above your present position and the fortune you seek forever escapes you.


You look for something CHEAP, in order to try and game the system.

To try and create a shortcut, by laying out a mere 29 bucks, because some guru said that they can leverage it into millions.

You know it’s bullshit, but you do it anyway.

Because you’re desperate.

Because you’re scared.

Scared to let go of anything substantial that can really move the needle, because you don’t have a guarantee that “IT” will work.

In your fear, you’re never willing to give anything of great value, in order to gain something greater.

You want the whole world …

But you’re only willing to give a penny.

The math doesn’t work.

You remain in a constant cycle of seeking out CHEAP WAYS to gain a fortune and dig an ever deeper hole of lack and limitation for yourself, because you can’t break, shortcut or circumvent the law:

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

The art of money-getting can at sometimes be simplified to only this …

Write one check, in order to get a bigger check!

But you first must have the balls to write the first check … no matter what the amount!

( because what’s coming is greater )


You actually make the move and lay out a King’s Ransom to get involved in whatever it may be, but …


You’re cynical.

You only did it because you’re desperate.

Because you’re afraid of the future …

Of what MIGHT happen.

And so you took a “lottery chance” with no faith and false hope.

You were fearful at the time you let the money out of your hands and your fear was transferred into the transaction!

You put “scared money” into the deal.

You didn’t believe it would produce.

And so the Law Of Attraction returned exactly what you asked for in your dominating thoughts:


Because what you secretly fear — you attract!

And fear can only exist when faith is not present!

Without faith, your efforts will always produce the opposite of your desired outcome.

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

The law is divine.

Here’s more proof for those of you who claim to believe in God and here’s why I say “claim” …

I don’t think there’s ever been a person who claims to believe in God that hasn’t prayed for help with money.

Specifically …

Praying for more money through a new job, a business, hitting the lottery, or whatever …

And for 98% of the people, the whole time that they’re praying and asking God for this money …

They don’t even believe that their prayers will actually be answered!

They’re praying from a place of fear — not faith.

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

At the time that you’re praying for this money, you’re not at all grateful for the money you already have.

You’re scared that what you have is not enough.

You’re scared of something financially devastating happening to you.

And the whole time you’re praying and asking for this money – you don’t believe for one minute that you’ll actually get it!

In your head you’re saying …

“I know this isn’t going to work”.

“I know God isn’t going to give me this”.

“I know God isn’t going to give me that”.

And then you get shocked when things don’t work out.

When you don’t get what you want.

When exactly what YOU THOUGHT actually HAPPENS!

Remember …

What you secretly fear — you attract!

How can you expect a prayer to be answered that you yourself don’t even believe in?

You’re just giving lip service to it.

It’s empty.

Full of doubt AND FEAR!

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!


In closing …

Everybody has money.

Even people who label themselves as being “broke”.

Some have more than others.

Some have less.

How you THINK and ACT with the money you do have, whether it be big or small, will determine how much more money you’ll attract!

Think scared with your money …

Move scared with your money …

And try to put out as less as you possibly can …

Expect to stay exactly where you are.

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

The formula for making obscene amounts of money, is this:

Think big with your money …

No matter the amount.

Everything big, first started small (in someone’s head).

Big things have little beginnings!

Move confidently with your money.

Put faith behind your money.

Believe in yourself and the moves you make.

Trust taking the leap!

Average people have to see it and touch it before they can believe it.

Successful people, first, think (dream) it up.

Then believe in it so hypnotically … with so much faith …

That they see a perfect vision of it being completed in their head first and then move forward and make it a physical reality.

With that kind of faith, you can make anything happen!

Scared Money Don’t Make Money!

Make the choice.

— The Name Guy™

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