Morning Sex And Success!

If you want big money … scalable money … long-term money …

Then you’re gonna need to get up early and work on some BIG A$$ ideas!

Getting up early has it’s rewards – like morning sex 😉 …

And when the bank updates your account at 5am and you see the $7-figure wire came through.

Creativity and big ideas are not the products of an individual with many distractions, engaged in hustle and bustle.

You need daily, scheduled, early morning quiet-time …

To sit still, meditate and focus, on the creation and execution of big ideas that make a dent.

Choose one and get started.

Execute your plan, non-stop.

Put in 16-hour days until your idea bleeds money.

Wake up earlier, to add more hours to your day, so you can get more shit done.

8 hours of sleep is for children … and sheep.

— The Name Guy™

PS: Do you have the blueprint to making big money? Are you planning to launch a brand that inspires and educates people on how to win at the game of business and life? If so, you just might know what to do with these names …

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